Replace GUID in shared Parameters

I am an intern for a French Society and I am working with dynamo. I want to create a .dyn that can load titles blocs (constructs with shared parameters) and that can modify the sharedparameters.txt from the project file (a Template). I have succeeded in modifying the shared parameters, but it still doesn’t work. The shared parameters are the same both in titles blocs family and project, but GUIDs are not the same… So, is there a way to add a column on an excel file comporting GUID, and then add it to the python block? Am I understandable? I have medium skills in python…

I’ve read all the conversation here : Add shared parameter node
And I used the node create by Konrad (Thanks a lot to him)

Shared Parameter1.xlsx (8.3 KB)
MET_sharedparameters.txt (1.6 KB)

Here is my .dyn Shared Parameter.dyn (42.3 KB)

Thanks for your help or contribution

Anybody have an idea ?

Up topic. I have the same problems.
I have txt list of shared parameters in one project, but when i used script by Konrad K Sobon creating new shared parameters with old properties in different project. But new Shared parameters have different GUID. I try find some method in revit api which includ indicated GUID but i can’t find something good. How i can fix it?