4 point adaptive component on 4 different lines

Hi all,
So here is my situation:

  • I have an adaptive component that consists of 4 adaptive points.
  • I have 4 model lines placed in Revit.
  • I would like to place 4 adaptive points on 4 start points of each model line.

The attached screenshot places 4 points on the first line, on top of each other.

It works when I place it manually, but I cannot find a way to do it in dynamo, and I want to place hundreds of them!

Something like this? Of course with multiple groups of lines you need to play a bit with lists

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Thanks lucamanzoni,

It’s better, but if I do what you suggest the points comes out “not associated”, and I would like them to be rotated “normal” to the line. Is there a way to re-associate them to the lines? Or rotate adaptive point itself?

I currently set adaptive points to “Global (z) then Host (xy)” so that they would rotate perpendicular

If you want to rotate something. You can create the adaptive point (global xzy) and than place a reference point on the xy plane of the adaptive point. Than set up a rotation parameter and control this parameter by Dynamo.

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Thank you guys, you saved my day, so that’s the final script that I used. It took a while to understand Fiesta’s comment, but I made exactly what you told me to do! Thanks to both of you!

Just curious… is it possible to create a hosted version? I had a play but couldn’t see a way to get it to work… @Kulkul would you mind telling me?



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Hi, surplys123
Maybe I have same problems as you had.
I understand
“I currently set adaptive points to “Global (z) then Host (xy)” so that they would rotate perpendicular”

but I think I had a problems with family.
Can you show me your family?
I want to check my family what did I wrong…
And my topic is here…

Tunnel modelling with Dynamo