Dynamo Scripts working in Revit 2019 but NOT in Revit 2021

Hello everyone,
I am new to dynamo & have been puzzled by this issue below.

  My Dynamo (Dynamo Core Version- - Dynamo Revit Version Scripts are working in Revit 2019 (Version 2019.2.5) but NOT working in Revit 2021 (Version 2021.1.6)(Dynamo Core Version - Dynamo Revit Version These are all up to date software versions. I am using the scripts the same way for both years of Revit.

  I am unsure if these scripts need to be upgraded some way in the newer versions of Revit? Or if this might have something to do with versioning?

  Has anyone else run into this issue?

Stefano Querica

Should work fine. Likely a missing package or a wrong package version issue.

Upgrading graphs to Revit 2022, I have many issues that need fixing and even some refactoring. Some Packages, like Lunchbox, are completely gone. I don’t know whether Revit 2021 has as many changes, since my client skipped that version. Discussion at this thread.

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