Parking Numbering only without python




I’d like to share the solution for Revit parking numbering using Dynamo. I guess this would be a duplicate topic but it’s worth giving a shot. I managed to shorten loading process and minimize unwanted nodes.

I cannot upload since I am new user. Here’s a weTransfer link:

Open for suggestions.

Auto Numbering for parking lot

Only one more thing to be perfect: a node for prefix. For example a prefix for level of parking (ex. **-2.**45).



Thx, hear are the files:
Parking Auto Numbering.dyn (32.4 KB)
How to use Parking Auto Numbering.pdf (163.9 KB)


Here’s doesn’t work…


Parking Auto Numbering.dyn (33.7 KB)
rmiguel here’s your request, my apologies for late reply. Got a little busy :smiley:


Doesn’t work here @abfletcher. I run the script and don’t put a mark in parking slots.


Parking Auto Numbering-2.dyn (29.4 KB)

@rmiguel I made changes again, noticed that some of the node results varies depending on the version of Revit and Dynamo, so I made changes to make it compatible with any version somehow, hope this one works for you.


Not working yet…

As you can see, I run the script and don’t put the number in Mark parameter.


create multiple lines instead of a single spline, and create it across near the center of each parking as shown in the image.


@abfletcher the script works awsm. I had a quick question, is there a way we can make it work on multiple levels automatically. Thanks.