Renaming all beam descriptions in library

Hello all,
I am new to dynamo and i was wondering about a problem we have at the office.
Our library has all the HE beams marked with the wrong type (for example HEA200 instead of HE200A) and we need to change this for every HE beam and collumn in the library.
Obviously, I do not want to do this manually…

Can someone set me in the right direction on how to achieve this with dynamo and maybe an excell list to essentially do a large find replace with an excel sheet that has a Column with the wrong type names and another column with the right type names ( HEAXXX <>HEXXXA)

Sorry, i need to change the description from HEAXXX to HEXXXA, not the family type name

why not just extract the names or if you already have the Type Catalog just do the find and replace in Excel? I’m sure Dynamo could do it, but you only need to do this one time . . . .

You can import an excel list into revit that changes all the descriptions of families?
Could you elaborate a little bit?

I guess I am confused now. Can you please provide a screen capture of what the name looks like now? Maybe even the revit family?

So to make it a little more complex,
I need to change the description from HEA100 to HE100A, for every size available in our library.
As you can see the description is greyed out, this is controlled in the family itself by a formula.

So i need to make a dynamo script that edits all the families to remove the formula in the description and then change the description to HEXXXA.

Anyone who can help me out?