Edit Family parameters with Excel


I am new to Dynamo, i have used prebuilt scripts and have barely scratched the surface on what can be done with it (i was pumped when i got my excel data into dynamo without help, so definitely not a “power user”). I am trying to edit two parameters on every pipe fitting. I have created an excel sheet that shows what the family name is in one column and what I want to change the product description to in another. By default the family name and product description are the same in sysque fittings, so i was thinking you can have it open the family and edit the type parameter “Product Description” within the family. I know this is a big undertaking and I’m not sure where to start. I’ve looked around online and have found a few things on it, but could use a little direction on this. The second parameter is a simple check box “allow slope adjustment” and i just need to make sure its checked. These are both easy to do but i have to do it for over 700 fittings each project and i figured it would be a good intro to Dynamo. I imagine it as "is number ##(from List 1) in project (Y/N). if yes run Element.SetParameterByName with number ## (from List 2) input as the value.

TLDR; i want to open each family, name is column b in excel, and edit the “Product Description” to whats in column a in excel
Fitting list 2.xlsx (17.7 KB)

i got revit to place the fittings by building the group pictured in the “Close Up” but it needs one module for each fitting which means i have to copy it, one for each fitting, and manually select each fitting and location. im wondering if there is a better way to do this. this is a small stepping stone to getting dynamo to edit these family type parameter.

Place All Fittings in Project.dyn (488.4 KB) Read%20Excel%20File Rename Product Description.dyn (16.9 KB)

im trying to update this post with whatever i slowly figure out so it might get messy, sorry! so i got the data i want into dynamo and have attached images. i essentially want to take the family (listed in picture 1) and open it and edit its product description parameter to its corresponding number in picture 2. is this possible? since i have the names whats the next best step? get these families open? any help is apreciated!
Picture%201 Picture%202

take look at Orchid package, and search the forum for it. i believe there are quite a few similar threads out there with solutions provided.

still struggling with this here is where i am at. i am still doing research and trying to figure this out but i figured i would share this and see if anyone has suggestions. here is the dynamo file Current PD Renaming .dyn (59.6 KB) i can share a project file as an example.