Rename Text Note Type Names (Parameter is Read-Only Error)


I was creating a graph to rename all the placed textnote family types in my project with a different & standardized prefix.

I was getting there but came across the “The parameter is read-only” error. I have looked at the other discussions but haven’t seen the solution.

Do you have any idea how to get this script working? Thank you so much!


Hi @archjahzzy

Use Element.SetName custom node from clockwork package to rename types.


Parameter name Should be Type

Hi saurabh.jha… I have tried doing that because I saw it in another forum, but it said no parameter with such name could be found

example to change all text note to 2.5 arial

Hi Kulkul,

I get this after using Element.SetName from Clockwork…

It just gets the original names…

@archjahzzy Have you tried what @Kulkul suggested.It works.

@archjahzzy You need to feed elements not string.


@archjahzzy Make sure you connect family types to elements input.

Hi Kulkul, Thank you so much for the help. Your powers are incredible! :smiley:

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Yes, it did work. Thank you!