Rename part of a room parameter

Hi got a quick question I need to rename first part of my room number A1.01.01 to A2.01.01
I am lost on which node to use.
I have created a list of all parameters needed and filtered and created the string to replace all of A1.01.01 but it changes The whole not just the first part. So all of my rooms are now just replaced with A1.
Thanks! On my phone at the Mo so will post images when I get in the office.

Like this?


Haha I need more lessons that’s way more efficient than mine. That’s exactly it just a slight if statement as I have another factor in the room info.

Many thanks!

right so had a play… works … a bit. am i missing something??.
I need to change parameters in Number By the parameter in Building Name/Number.
in rooms.
so existing
Number A1.22.33
Building Name/Number Building B1

I want to replace the A1 at start of Number with B1. so = B1.22.33

Many thanks for the help!!

i think you need to get the value of the Building Name/Number parameter and split that value to omit the “Building” so only the B1 remains.

then use codeblock to add that B1 to replace the Room Number which is A1.

Cool thanks!
I have got all the parts listed and I can get it’s that next step of using building b1 to change the other parameter
On me way to work I’ll post my work so far.

Maybe an if statement ?
If room contains building b1 under parameter building name/number then change parameter to A1 something like that.
I have been trying to learn python for a while and I think I need to knuckle down and do it.

got this so far

did this it works!!

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Glad you figured it out! :slight_smile: happy to help