Naming Rooms from Area Plans

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to push naming conventions from my Area plan to my Room plan for a Residential high-rise building.
What I need to do for now is to push my Area Name into the Room Name but the problem is if I have 2 rooms that sits within my Area area (collision test) then it will only update the top name of the list and not the second room name.

So the question would be, how can I change all the rooms within an area’s boundary at once.
The image of the 2 different lists: Room VS Area’s

Thank you very much.

Room ReInfo_V2.dyn (20.6 KB)
Sample Project.rvt (1.6 MB)

How do you want to display that information?
You could concatonate the 2 values into a single one like Unit I/Bath

I need the Bath to be replaced with the unit name (Unit I).

So the idea is that when you have more then 1 you need to use the Unit… something?

what if you just set the level to @L2:

This parameter would be replaced with an alternative parameter deterimed on the project type. This is currently a proof of concept.

If I cant get it to apply to all room names then the newly created ones wont work either.

@viktor_kuzev doing that would rename all the other units to a fixed one.

I’ve managed to create a solution.

I’m pretty sure that my method can be shorten quite a bit, but basically what I’ve done is to look at the structure of my Room count in the individual lists and then used the List.OfRepeatedItem to duplicate my Area as per the required layout - after that was a matter of just creating various flatten rules to get to the structure I require.

I haven’t cleaned up anything yet. So still a messy layout and quite a bit of nodes can/ will be removed.

Here is the .dyn file for reviewing and any advise is welcomed.

Room ReInfo_V3.dyn (28.2 KB)