Rename 'Area' by Room

Hi All,

Any help would be great, I’m doing a Resi project with ‘Rooms’ as the apartment and ‘Areas’ as the room.

The Areas, Walls, Doors etc are in a group of the same name.

I’m trying to get the elements in the group to read their room and update a parameter accordingly. Everything looks great, but the order of the information seems to be wrong, everything is updating to the wrong name. There’s probably some failing of my list management, but I can’t work out what it is.

Would anyone be able to assist?

Rename Area & Number by Group Working Erratic 01a.dyn (13.4 KB)

Here is a graph I stripped down and accomplishes what you want… I think. It does not do the number but you can add that by copying the nodes as needed and changing to “Area Name” to “Area Number”. This graph moves the info by comparing the intersecting geometry of both the Room and Area. Give it a try and let me know if this has helped.

You can also check out this post where @Kulkul posted some useful info.

Area Plan - Room Name to Area Name.dyn (53.6 KB)

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That is fantastic, thank you.

Unfortunately I have a large scheme, 400 flats = over 2000 areas and Dynamo has been running solidly for 24 hours without conclusion, I’ll give it another day to run.

Studying your list management and error checking is a great education for me and I really appreciate you posting your graph.



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I would definitely suggest creating a small dataset with rooms and areas. This will help you understand the graph without running it on your large project. Try having extra rooms and areas (not placed) this will show you what happens in the error checking boxes. Also try having an area boundry line that does not join. This will create an error. See the image for what I am suggesting.

I am definitely not a pro… so the graph I posted is brute force. As some on here can write design script to do the error checking.

If it is taking that much time you definitely have much more clean up to do before running. It should’t take that long.
You can try making a modification to the graph to Select Model Elements vs getting all areas. So then you can methodically move thru the model by selecting areas in only a portion of the building.