Rename Level

I am using an Excel sheet to define level heights, names, and wether to create a standard set of views from the levels. Getting the data read, cleaned and sorted is not a problem. I delete out all the plan views prior to creating the levels and new view, just so everything will be fresh. The problem I am running into is when renaming and adjusting the existing levels. I am taking the excel data, pulling out first the quantity to re-work existing levels. I am starting with the lowest level, adjusting its elevation and renaming, and working my way up the list of level. However, when I go to rename them, some of the names are already in use. This causes Revit to throw an error and all I can do is cancel. I was thinking I could rename them to the index number of the list. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4… use one of the wait nodes, and then once that was finished, rename them to what they should be. This doesn’t work. Any idea how to get around this.

Look at the Transaction.End and Transaction.Start nodes. The reason the rename isn’t working as you expect with temp names is because you have to Commit the changes with the End node and the. Name them what you want after the Start node.

Thank you. That fixed it.