Rename family name and family type with Excel

Hi all,

My time has come to start with dynamo.
I’ve seen lot’s of tutorials and step by step guides.

What i want to do is the following:

For a project we have to translate all family names and family types.

The picture shows what I’ve done so far.








Is this a good starting point or am I way off?

This is only for a catagory, but is it also possible for all used elements in the project?

What I also couldn’t find is to export the Familytypes together with the Familynames (as a list?).

Thnx in advance.

Gr. Wesley




To get the Family Types and the Families together in the same Excel Spreadsheet, you will need to do a List.Create and feed the Family Names into the First Slot and the Family Types in the second slot (note that you may need to add in a node to get the Family Type (Family Symbol) Names (strings) instead of the elements (which Excel won’t like)). Then follow that with a List.Transpose (converting from two lists of many things to many lists of two things). Then hook the output of the transpose into the data port of the excel file. This will give you two columns of data (if you skipped the transpose, you would get two rows of data instead of columns).

This will give you every column in the project, which means that you will have a lot of duplicates in your excel file. You might want to add a List.UniqueItems after the FamilyInstance.Symbol to cut out all of the duplicates (so that you only have one row for each unique family type in your excel file).


Hi ben,

I got it working, thanks!

But that brings me to my second question.

How can i get the translated family-names and -types back into dynamo and Revit?

Thnx for the help!

Gr. Wesley


first - download the Clockwork Package if you don’t already have it. You will need the “Element.SetName” node from that package.

Next I would re-work the excel export so that you have 4 columns instead of two (two columns with the original names and two that you can re-name)

Column Names to Excel







Then to get the data back from Excel and rename the elements, do something like this:

Rename Success

Hi ben,

Thank you so much for your help.

I got it working!

My first dynamo tool! :slight_smile:

Gr. Wesley

Hi ben,

The picture shows what I’ve done so far.

Why i get empty list ?

Thanks for the help!


I’m not sure where the “Empty List” is…It is not shown anywhere in your image. The Excel.WriteToFile part looks fine to me, so that makes me think that whatever issue you are having is farther back in the Collect Elements in Rooms node, but it is hard to diagnose without more info or without seeing the output. I’ve never used that node (what package is it from?).

Hi ben,

<span style=“color: #666666;”>I’m sorry I didn’t clarify my question.</span>

I want to Collect Elements in Rooms and Write Room Data Directly to Elements or List to Excel.

its only one Dynamo node… Just added to theBakery package, called Collect Elements in Rooms and Show Detailed List.

When we have the Room that an element lives in ,we can do a lot of things.

<span style=“color: #666666;”>Can you say something about my idea of how to do it? (I’m soory my English isn’t very good)</span>

thanks for the help!



Hi all,

Thank you Ben for the tips

It was very useful, for me.

Can we change names of the system families, as I understand it’s built-in category?


Solution’s images for posterity:


Element.SetName only works with Family Types right?

You can’t use this to rename a Family Name right?

@jigu Yes!

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Any idea on how to rename families?

You should start a new topic.

I can not find marked notes.

How to find node:"FamilyInstance.Symbol " - #5 by Andreas_Dieckmann may supply clues.

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