Remove instances of model group on old locations

I am trying to set locations for a model group, then removing that group from previous locations.
To set the location for the group I am using the incredible work of @Daniel_Woodcock1. The posts can be found here:
How to Place Multiple Groups and Rotate at the same time
How to Place a Revit Model Group?

Here is a screenshot of how it looks in revit, where the red circle indicate what i want to remove, and a screenshot of how it is in Dynamo:


If I’m following you correctly, you have existing groups that you essentially want to move. You select your existing groups, copy them to a new location, and now want to delete those original groups.
If that’s the case you just need to wait for the new groups to be created before deleting the originals. Your first Python node gets the existing groups and the second one creates the new instances. After you’ve created the new instances (use a wait node) delete the elements from the first node. It’s that simple.

Thanks for the response and you are following me correctly, but I’m still not getting it. I have added a wait node, but i don’t know how to remove the original groups.
i’ve tried adding the node element.delete, but then everything dissapears. here is how it looks:

So I now have the element and the location of the instance i want to remove, but no matter what i try, I end up deleting everything. I would think there is an easy solution to this, but i can’t find it.
Any help is appreciated!

Screenshot where what i want to remove is in the red “circle”:

I found sort of a solution, I am now able to delete the original groups, but each time i run it in dynamo i create a new group in revit. So its neither an elegant solution nor a viable one.

PlaceGroup01.dyn (24.6 KB)

In your first response you’re deleting the Group Type not the Group instances, so you’re losing everything. In your most recent response you seem to be creating a new group from the existing group, which is unnecessary.

you are correct, it is unnecessary. Any suggestions?

Clockwork has a node GroupType.Groups, that gets all the placed instances of an input group type. Use this to select the existing groups then delete them after the new instances have been created. Your first attempt looks like it’s pretty close except for deleting the type instead of the instances.

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that node did the trick! thanks for the help!