Editing inside a model group

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I come across this problem in many workflows. In a revit documents there are multiple instances of a group. If want to change anything inside a group, it doesn’t allow it giving a warning that Changes in the elements inside a group are allowed only in group edit mode. Is there a work around this problem?

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They only workflow/workaround is to rename every instance with a different name, make the change and then replace groups, this sound horrible but it seems to be the only waly as the Revit api do not let edit group, make changes and close.


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  At least there is some way. Could you suggest some nodes for renaming / replacing model groups.

@Ewan_Opie thanks for getting it started…

Man that was painful… The problem as you know is the naming, you have to make the unique groups, swap them to that, make the changes, swap them to a single new group, delete the original group, create a new group with the old group name and dump them back on there… I’m sure someone can clean it up using functions. It’s like that game…


This works for me, hopefully it works for you…



Duplicate and Change Parameter in Group-3.dyn (105.3 KB)


Some of the custom nodes are showing error. Do I need to download some package for them?



Yes those are in Clockwork, the erase one is from Steam, but there are similar in Archi-lab etc.



Hey Mark!
Thank you very much for this def, I will give it a go and will let you know how it goes,
Many thanks for sharing

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Hello Mark,
I have the same problem abhijeetraje has
I have downloaded the last Clockwork package for dynamo 1.x and these two nodes arent there, which version of the Clockwork package are you using?
would you mind to share these nodes please?


Sorry it turns out that have very old packages on my PC! If you use Count at L2 you should be good to go!



Hello Mark,

Thank you very much the definition works perfectly!!!

Thank you very much for sharing!!!

Hi BIMadmin

  Can you share exactly what packages you installed to make it work?

I am thinking of an alternate workflow like this:

  • Select all the instances of model group.
  •     Identify and record their insertion point, orientation and flipped state (whether mirrored).
  • Delete all but one instance.
  •     Make changes to that instance which dynamo allows if there is only one instance.
  •     Insert the group based on the insertion point, orientation and flipped state (whether mirrored).

Would like to have your and Mark’s thought on this.

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Hey, it’s a nice idea…

I have used a similar workflow when creating 3D prints… Rather than do a solid union on every window, i did it once and copied it around, i can give you the graph if you decide to go down this road.

The problem with this workflow is that if you have added information which is variable by group e.g. a door number which includes a specific apartment number… this information will be lost when you delete the group and reinsert it.

Hope that’s of interest,


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Hi Mark
That is interesting definitely.
Would like to try this Idea. Since I am looking for the geometric changes to the model. It would be great if you could share the graph.


Have a look here… there’s probably a lot which isn’t relevant, but hopefully the moving, rotating and vectors will be useful… For some reason I think that when I got the 1 Family and it’s Type… that defaulted back to being located at the Dynamo origin so the moving happens from there.



Hello guys,
I am aplying this workflow to modify railing paths within a group
it seems to be working fine but the set railing path node is not working
Not sure if is is the python code within the node and the range of lists
Please see graph attached and rvt filesModify railing paths in groups.dyn (151.9 KB)
<a class=“attachment”
Railings.rvt (3.4 MB)

Hello. This post has already been solved and you are asking a new, separate question about railings. Can you make a new thread with your question? Feel free to link back to this post or tag the posters here in your new thread.

Sure Kennyb6

I will do

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