Editing inside a model group


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I come across this problem in many workflows. In a revit documents there are multiple instances of a group. If want to change anything inside a group, it doesn’t allow it giving a warning that Changes in the elements inside a group are allowed only in group edit mode. Is there a work around this problem?



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They only workflow/workaround is to rename every instance with a different name, make the change and then replace groups, this sound horrible but it seems to be the only waly as the Revit api do not let edit group, make changes and close.



Thanks for updates.

  At least there is some way. Could you suggest some nodes for renaming / replacing model groups.


@Ewan_Opie thanks for getting it started…

Man that was painful… The problem as you know is the naming, you have to make the unique groups, swap them to that, make the changes, swap them to a single new group, delete the original group, create a new group with the old group name and dump them back on there… I’m sure someone can clean it up using functions. It’s like that game…


This works for me, hopefully it works for you…



Duplicate and Change Parameter in Group-3.dyn (105.3 KB)


Some of the custom nodes are showing error. Do I need to download some package for them?




Yes those are in Clockwork, the erase one is from Steam, but there are similar in Archi-lab etc.