Pipe and well


I have a situation with piping, and i’m not sure i have to use dynamo to fix it, but it’s the only posibility i can come up with.
I have some pipes there ran into a well, but in our standard, the entrance is just cut out on site, so i can’t make a connector to use for flow analasize. I wondered if revit maybe already have a solution to fix this, or i shall use dynamo. My througt with dynamo is to take all the pipes there intersect a well, and add the flows into the parameter in the well. :slight_smile:

I have 1,8 L/s pr. unit, and that gives me 5,4 L/s in the well.

Hope some have and idea. :slight_smile:
Thanks. :smiley:

You could intersect the bounding boxes with the pipes, exclude the connected pipe and then just add up the values of the remaining pipes that intersect with the bounding box.