Relocate detail curve

in Revit detail lines can be created only on the current view in the horizontal plane.
I want to transfer the line model in the vertical plane . how to do it better?

I believe that you’d also need to change the workset (detail lines have a workset based on their view), and a dozen other items. What are you using these to indicate?

detail lines have a workset based on their view

I didn’t know about it :no_mouth:
I just drew a line of detail on the plan and want to turn to see in the vertical section

how can I know to which the workset belongs to the line

Pretty much EVERYTHING I can think of has a workset (excepting maybe… worksets?). Check your properties pallet. The Element.Workset node is one way to see the element’s workset, but if you’re perpendicular to a view they won’t show up as I think you’re after.

What is your end goal?


So you’re asking to rotate a curve around a given line, and place it either on a 2D view, or in 3D space. This graph has both options, but I’d only use one or the other. Using both would just be confusing as you’d have lines atop of lines.



What is element i must to choose at this node

That was a line which serves as the axis of rotation. Basically the line you want to rotate the curves around.

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Ok , i’ll try this)
and one more - polycurve in dynamo export to model line or detail curve in to revit - its impossible mission ?

Revit doesn’t do polycurves. You can use a polycurve.curves node to get the segments and build that. If you want them to ‘stay together’ you can create a group from the segments, or you can use a filled region, or better yet a family.

yes its truth…I just wanted to make sure again

where is my mistake?

Make a plane from the vector and start point. :wink: