Drawing in Revit: lines, details, line based families..?

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I have searched but cannot find almost anything on a seemingly basic functionality: how to draw detail lines from Dynamo to a Revit view?

When I try to place an instance of an annotation into my Revit model, the family is placed on my current (custom) workset instead of the current view; and so the instance of the annotation does not show anywhere (annotations are automatically placed in the view workset not custom ones…)

Also, how do you place a line based family? Either model or detail…

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No one has ever drawn a detail line in a floor plan using Dynamo nodes?

How about an annotation, or a symbol? Any establish workflow to insert a symbol on a floor plan?

I mean, is there any architect using Dynamo out there?

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PS: I truly love Dynamo, and I can only marvel at what will be possible to do with it, but the learning curve seems unnecessarily steep…

For placing line-based detail components, try DetailComponent.ByCurve in package Clockwork. For line-based model families, there’s FamilyInstance.ByCurve in the same package.

Just to let you know - I just added a node to place point-based detail components in a given view (FamilyInstance.ByPointInView) and a node to create detail lines (DetailCurve.FromCurve) to package Clockwork. Just downloaded the updated version from the package manager.


Untitled-1I am having trouble using both the detail family instance and the detail line clockwork nodes. are they still working on the the latest dynamo release? Or more likely… am I doing something wrong?

You are tying to create lines on a plane that is perpendicular to the view plane. That’s not going to work. The lines you are creating should work fine for a plan view, though.

Hey Andreas, any chance you know if the clockwork node for “DetailComponent.ByCurve” can receive a list for “FamilyType” input? I’ve tried and it doesn’t seem to but I wanted to check and see if you or anyone else has done this.


Hello Josh,

You could pair the custom node with a “List.Combine” node to get the desired effect:


Hi Dimitar,

Is there are version of the list.combine in the example you provided that would allow you to feed in multiple views as well? Similar to my previous request, where I want a 1 to 1 to 1 feed of views and elements?

Below is a screenshot of what I tried. It actually seemed to work except for it didn’t run the second view. It’s wierd, notice the highlighted ones. List.Combine shows “null” values for index 75 and 76 even thought I’m feeding it something the same way for all of them. The only difference is the view being fed for those two items is different than the rest. Any thoughts?

The only thought I have that might be unrelated to list.combine is that I’m feeding the node a curve that is at 100’ while the actual level of the geometry is higher than that for those two, since the view is associate with level 2, while the rest in the list are based on a view off of level 1.

Dynamo List Combine

Hi Josh,

What you’ve done is 100% correct. As long as you provide three equal length list, where each curve has a matching view and family type, it will work.

As you have guessed, the only exception that could occur is if the curve is not co-planar to the view plane or is not lying on the view plane.

Dimitar, you are awesome, thanks so much for your confirmation. I modified the script such that the line/curve was at the level I was feeding it and all is working! Incredible! Thank you for all of your valued feedback!






I’m having the same problem with the node “DetailComponent.ByCurve” from Clockwork, that one in orange.

I’m trying to place a detail component (line based), I’ve made 3 examples to check what could be the problem. From the example “A” I can understand that the “family type” input is correct, and from the example “C” that the curve and view are correct.

Theoretically I could use the node “FAmilyInstance.ByCurve” to solve my problem, but with that I can only select a level instead a view, and if I have 2 o more views of the same level (e.g. Floor Plan , Floor Plan - copy (1), Reflecting Ceiling Plan) the node will place the component into the first view I created. In my case, I need to place the component into the Ceiling plan, but if I use the solution “A” the component will be placed into the Floor plan, which is the first view I created.

Does someone have a solution?

thank you.

Bumping this…Using Dynamo 1.3x along with Revit 2017… having the same issue with the node “DetailComponent.ByCurve” from Clockwork returning null values…has this been solved by anyone here?

Family Instance By Curve also returns null value in Dynamo 1.3.1 / Revit 2018

@Adrian_Esdaile can you start a new post with the graph you’re currently using so we can review? This one is over 2 years old now and has a lot of useful history, but isn’t very current (no list at level feature). Link back to this as a note in the post of it helps.

@jacob.small will do - it will be in a couple of hours.