Relinquish All mine in multiple revit models

After running a dynamo code that apply some actions on multiple models … i found that i need to relinquish all these models worksets …
So is there a solution by dynamo to perform this action for all un-opened models??
I found a node that synchronize and relinquish for current document but not for multiple models , this node is from clockwork
Any advice???


The API allows it :

SynchronizeWithCentralOptions Properties

RelinquishOptions Properties

Clockwork has a great node for that for the current document.
So If I can borrow it and and modify it slightly, here is the result :


Thanks. Alo to i will give u feedback

I see that your graph is an example of one file. Can you explain how you get this to work on multiple files. I have tried it and it fails every time. Thanks


Use longest lacing and it will work.

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I have changed the lacing to the longest, but i still cant get the rest of the files to go through successfully. I get the first on the list to return a “True” ,but the rest return a “False”. Any further advice would be much appreciated…

Update. It works now!!! I just closed the files gave it a day and retried it and it works as planed.****

Open_Project_Sync.Save.Close.dyn (22.0 KB)

I am trying to recreate the changes to the synchronize node, but have not been able to. Can you guys share or show me how to make the changes to have a document input and output?