How to apply a certain actions to UN-opened Revit Models

Dear All
I’m trying to apply these actions to multiple revit models at once
Any Ideas ??

The dynamo code hereunder
Apply Actions to un-opened revit models.dyn (12.5 KB)


Please read the FAQ and next time add all relevant files (picture, .dyn, trials…)

You can begin like this :

It will open in background the revit files.
It’s impossible to perform actions on files without opening them.


thanks a lot but how could i link the above actions nodes to the models opened in background nodes

Did you really try with the graph I provided above ?
I do not normally do the work of others.

P.S : You maybe need to adjust levels and lacing on nodes. I didn’t try your graph.

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thanks a lot Alban_de_Chasteigner for your reply
yes i tried the graph you provided in your first posting but my problem was how to link between opened model an the action i need to perform.
I don’t like from others to do my work , i just shared the pictures and the dynamo code to clarify the issue i need to solve
thanks again Alban_de_Chasteigner and apologize for any conflicts

You’re welcome.

Don’t forget to mark as solved the topic when your graphs will work.

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i cant find the node from rhythm called " collector.elements of type in document "
i use dynamo 1.3.2 and rhythm 2017 version
please advise ??
do you mind if you share the .dyf file ??

The best is to update Rhythm
I think the former name of the node is “All elements of type in document”

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Please Advise ??

You didn’t reproduce the “levels” in the nodes like in my picture.

still have the same issue :disappointed_relieved:

What are the errors ?

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cant perform set parameter by name node it gives NULL


You can’t keep the 3 “actions” on the same graph or you need to use some passthrough nodes.
You have to wait until I update my package. (“SetParameterByName in document” node)

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I’m Waiting for updating the package and will give u the feedback

I updated the package Genius Loci.
Don’t forget to divide into 3 parts your graph.

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if i won’t to divide the graph, is the pass through node will help or not??

the problem is with the delete parameter part. If you delete the DOR_Number parameter at the same time that you set values, it can not work.

The parameter deletion part must be performed after action 1.

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also i need to know , when i use close document with SAVE node
“SAVE” meaning synchronize with central if i was taking a local file or just it will save the local file only ??
and OPEN document node meaning open the central directly or create a local from it ??

i have tried this dynamo code with 3 actions without dividing them on a current document and it is working nice without any problem