Referencing Views--Again!



Dynamo newbie here. I’m trying to create a list of sheets that a particular detail (drafting view) is referenced from. It’s the same as what Brian Myers asked here:

However, when I follow the link in the answer, the links to the example scripts are broken. Does anyone still have those scripts? Or, does anyone have a new way to do this?

Thanks so much!


Hi @NickKennedy

Here it is. Below nodes (ElementinViews & GetAllviews) are quite old you need to tweek a little bit to get your results. Good Luck!


Thanks Kulkul. Since I’m very new to this, can you show what’s in the GetAllViews node and Elements in View(s) or describe what they’re doing so I can figure out how to accomplish without those nodes? Thanks!


@NickKennedy Here is how you can do with standard OOTB nodes. Hope this makes sense. Cheers!


Yes, thanks!!


I have one more question. I made this graph you showed, and it appears to show me the sheet on which the drafting view appears. So in your example, it would tell me that the “Living Room” drafting view appears on sheet 959510. However, what I’m really after is the sheet the drafting view is CUT on. So in your example, maybe the living room drafting view is cut on sheet A101. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!