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Hello all,

I am a new user trying to learn Dynamo. I have successfully created a graph that will copy the detail items, lines, text, etc out of a one drafting view and paste it into a new drafting view I have created. For my next step, I am trying to upgrade this graph so that Dynamo will obtain the original drafting view name from an Excel file, as well as the copy drafting view. However, I am running into two problems (that I know of D: )

  1. I cannot input a list into the “Element.CopyFromViewToView” node. How would I create a loop from my list to feed into the node one at a time?

  2. Why are both options for the “copy drafting view” name coming up false?

I have attached a screenshot of my graph. Please let me know if you have any questions or require any more information. Thank you all for any help!

Thanks all! I’ve managed to update my graph, and it’s slowly getting to where I want it! However, my main problem is still #1. The “Element.CopyFromViewToView” node from the Rhythm package does not seem to accept lists in their view inputs, only items.

What would be a workaround for this? I was thinking perhaps a loop function?

Your list structure doesn’t match. Flatten the list from List.Transpose.

Thanks, that worked! However, that brings up another question. I did not flatten the list for the original drafting view; why did it work then?

Also, do you happen to have an idea for the 1st problem of mine?

That’s a good question. I can’t give you an answer off the top of my head, but I will say it’s always best to match your list structure. It’s not always necessary but I guarantee it will make your life easier in the long run. (And it keeps your graph clean.)

Again, it’s probably list structure. I assume you’re trying to copy a list of elements from a single view to a single view - however this may be to multiple views in other instances. I think your problem might be because your source view is a list (even though it’s one view) and your destination view is a single item. Flattening your other list of drafting views might fix this.

Enabling levels would likely clear up some of these issues as another work around.


What do you mean by enabling levels?

What do you mean by enabling levels?

You will find a good explanation on List@Level here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you find a solution for your 1st problem yet? I need / want to achieve the same.

Or did you find a way to loop the function?

hi @Nick_Boyts ,
i need help please, i tried to use the node copy from view to view but it doesn’t work with multiple views. i tried to add two views as source views and two as destination views but still doesn’t work. any advice.

thanks a lot

Can you show a preview of the elements you’re copying?

Hi @Nick_Boyts
i just have in the first section dimension and spot elevation so i would like to copy to the other sections

thanks a lotCapture

I’m guessing it’s because you have an empty list. I also don’t think you’re combining your list of elements correctly - try something like AddItemToFront.

hello @Nick_Boyts
thanks again for your support.but i tried to add items to not have empty list however, still the same and i tried add item to front as well and there is no change.from the moment it is list to copy from to view node it doesn’t work but it works if it is single view .

Can you share your dyn and a stripped down rvt file?

hi @Nick_Boyts
thanks for your support. but i figure it out it was a matter of filter missing.

thanks s alot

Dear All
i didn’t find “Element.CopyFromViewToView” in Rhythm package (2019.7.24) i use Dynamo 2.1
Thanks Ahmed Emad

That was removed from Rhythm quite a long time ago now.

Use spring nodes instead.


i didn’t find it in spring nodes and i search for spring node at and also didn’t find any thing :frowning:

The package website and in product package manager can take awhile for stuff to show up.

Before you search wait for stuff to populate - you’ll see some packages show up below the search bar. Then try searching for spring and it should be the first hit.

Alternatively you could skip the search and get it off the main page - see the stuff in the highlighted area (sorry for size and format, I’m mobile at the moment).