Reference plane creation


Hello All,
Im trying to create my first package. I have scoured the internet, primer, etc. to find out how the heck you create a Reference plane.

I have a pipe i want to have place on a reference plane, the pipe’s slope changes, which i figured if you have a start point and end point it would be the z axis on the end point that goes up.
I tired to make a reference plane and have a shared parameter on it to create the slope but it

becomes unconstrained after a few movements. I tried to modify and existing reference plane. Both are a bit beyond my skill level right now.
I was also thinking if i could modify the 898689 #10 on the list that might be effective, but this is where i am now.
Any guidance would be helpful. thanks


I’m not sure to understand exactly what you want to achieve, but if you need to create a Reference Plane, you can use nodes ReferencePlane.ByLine or ReferencePlane.ByStartPointEndPoint.

Also if you need to create pipes, I suggest you to take a look at the MEPover package, it has a lot of useful stuff.

If this doesn’t help, you can post a simplified graph of you want to achieve, with all previews visible.