How to rotate a reference plane by dynamo

Hi all,

I am newbie to Dynamo.

Here I found a question and cannot be solved after check other posts.

May I know how to rotate a reference plane by dynamo.

The reference plane is built by using ReferencePlane.ByStartPointEndPoint to catch mid pt. of two pts and a third pt. However that dynamo block is limited to cut by Z axis(Normal), but I want it to be on XY axis, like a slanted one go along with a face(the 3-points I have).

Does anyone have a solution on it? A big thanks


With normal Dynamo nodes (OOTB - Out of the Box) you can only make vertical Reference planes. I have made a Python script which creates a Reference plane by a given Dynamo plane.

You already have the 3 points, so I would suggest to create a Dynamo plane from them using Plane.BestFitThoughPoints and then use my Python script to create Reference planes from them.

RefPlaneByPlanes.dyn (28.6 KB)

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Thank you very much, let me try on it!