Problem with creating reference plane

i want to create a reference plane with dynamo in revit.
and i want it to connect to a scope box.

i found a few nodes like referenceplane.Byline (wich i find a litle strange that it don’t need 3 points)
but at first it did not create a reference plane after severel restarts it created sometimes (2x) a reference plane
but now not any more

what is going wrong with the creation of the referenceplane?
And how must i conect the reference plane to a scope box?


oke first thing partly solved
when i disconnect the connector between the line and the node Referenceplane.Byline
run it and connect it again and run it again it creat a referenceplane

stil remains problem with connecting to a scope box

Hi Nico,
You need to feed the actual scope box element as the value of the SetParameter node.

Hi Dimitar
I should have known (putting an element id into the value when i am asking for parmeter scope box is never going to work) (it was late in the evening i supose

But know i have a bigger problem:
When i connect the Node: Referenceplane.ByLine with the Node Element.SetParamterByName the just created refenceplane is gone.

and when i stop dynamo the only thing in the view is the blue dynamo line

BTW one off the reasen i want to create a reference plane is that i whant to cut a lot off structural framings (its not the main reasen but i think it is going to be the most dificult one for me (i am just starting to learn python)