Create Reference Planes from Curves

Are we able to create reference planes in Revit based on Dynamo planes or curves? I wish to create reference planes at set distances along a curve. I have created the Dynamo planes using the Curve.PlaneAtSegmentLength node, but I do not know how to turn them into reference planes in Revit.

You should have a node ReferencePlane.ByLine that will do exactly this.

The curve I have is a nurbs curve and the ReferencePlane.ByLine node does not work for me.

Reference Planes have to be lines. That’s a limitation of Revit.

Is there a way I can take the start point of the curve, and the vector direction and create reference planes that way?

Absolutely. Try searching the forums for something along those lines. This comes up often when trying to place families oriented to a curve.

Please post your dyn file