Reduce Mesh

Dear Community.

I am a total beginner in dynamo. I am trying to generate a file able to reduce the mesh of an obj Model. During my research I came across the MeshToolkit. Unfortunatelly the Mesh.Reduce blcok does not work. ‘the requested tool failed to activate’ Unfortunatelly I am not experienced enough to understand the problem and therefore solve it. Help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks guys

What does the error say at Mesh.Reduce node?

‘the requested tool failed to activate’

I tried the same function with a simpler model. It worked. Maybe the Problem was the obj File I imported. I belive the tool is only meant to reduce one 3D object instead of A group.

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Hmmm I have used this node with more than 10 meshes, and it worked. You could try changing levels.

there are a few different flavours of obj files

Normally, the file will contain polygon meshes (vertices, faces, normal) but can also contain nurbs objects or be differently structured.
Please post the obj file or if you have access to the original model, try exporting with different options, such as the Rhino ‘polygon mesh’ option


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Hi Andrew, thanks for your Reply.

You were right. The obj. file had not been exported properly and therefore the block had no chance to work.

Thanks a lot, I apreciate it greatly.