Rebar Question

Hello, is there a way that dynamo can set the length of straight bars to stock lengths ? these are normally 6m in the UK.

Hi Kieran,

In the BIM4Struc.Rebar package you can find a tool called “Split curve with overlap” which works on the centerline curves from a rebar. This last one can be generated in Dynamo by running the custom node “Rebar.GetCenterlineCurve” on the selected rebar (that need to be splitted). Then you can use the “Rebar.ByCurve” node (from the Dynamo 4 Rebar package) to create the new splitted rebars.

Hi Dieter,

@Dieter_Vermeulen In the BIM4Struc.Rebar package there is a node AreaReinforcement.CreateFromHost. Is it possible to create a similar node for PathReinforcement? A node that places reinforcement on the edge of floors and walls?

Hi @Bro_Ser , BIM4Struc.Rebar v. 1.2.4 now contains a Path Reinforcement creation node. This node makes it even possible to create this type of reinforcement along splines in a floor or wall.

Hey @Dieter_Vermeulen, Thanks for the update.
It works! I’ve noticed that it isn’t possible to set rebar hooktype to "None"
regardless of it the node works perfectly!!! Thnx again

Hi @Bro_Ser

Try feeding “StructuralSettings”. Similar topic was discussed earlier for beams here Select the Beam Connection type “None”

Hi Dieter, nice work with these nodes!

I’m trying to split a unique, long piece of rebar in some pieces using the workflow you mentioned: Rebar.GetCenterlineCurve + Split curve with overlap + Rebar.ByCurve.

However, I’m facing some problems.I can perfectly get the Centerlin Curve from the bar modeled in Revit, choosing to include the hooks. But, when I use the node “Split curve with overlap”, the last curve generated by the node does not include the end hook.

Can you explain me why this happens?
I attach here my code and the rvt file.

Thanks in advance!