Spliting each rebar exceeding 12m length in a rebar set

Hi everyone,

As you can see in my tank project bellow, each rebar length in the rebar set exceed 12m and have a length that match with the length perimeter of my wall which is equal to 37.82m and that is wrong!!

So how can I divide each rebar has multiple length portions of 12m using dynamo?

for example: L=37.82m ={3 x 12} + 1.82


I think you cannot split rebar using dynamo
possible way is to change the length of the rebar, copy and translate them.
It seems advance in your case.


You mean copy and translate them using Revit or Dynamo?
If you mean using Revit it is a complicate task and if you mean dynamo give me an idea or a script to do that please


Ok…I’m trying to manage on my own and fortunately I came across this post that suits me perfectly
[Rebar Question - #7 by MicCar]

by following the attached script and selecting my rebar set using the node Properties.Rebar.CenterlineCurves under Structural Design package I did not have the whole bar in my set displayed on dynamo (just the first one) …then when using the node Split curve with overlap (that I dont find it under Structural design package…I had to use the one under BIM4Struc package)…I got internal error telling me: removal of the reference of a non-pointer element!!?

How can I solve this issue and which nodes should I use to get polycurves of the whole of my rebar set using Structural design package??


Hi @JacobSmall @Kulkul

Can you please take a look at my topic and tell me what’s missing and why I get this internel error: removing reference to non-pointer element??

Note: I tried another example with a straight wall and a single rebar but I get the same error !


Please I realy need help!!


Could you drop here relevant rvt and dyn file?


Please check my attached Revit file and my dynamo script
Rebar_split.dyn (33.4 KB)

(Note: I’m a new dynamo user and as I said above I’m following the script done by @MicCar as shown bellow)


@REDO10 is this what you want:


Exactelly what I want :wink:

Ah!!.. you used a python node to get all rebars curves in the set with their position (I dont know how to use python and add a custom node!!)

Can you please drop here the used script?

Thanks very much Kulkul :wink:

It is just one line…

You’re Welcome!


Ah! sorry my bad…I didn’t know the python node was in the dynamo library…I thought we should use another program that uses python.
Ok…I’ll try and see how it goes



the rebar split was done correctly with successive lengths of 12m but an alternative offset of 15cm is created between the successive curves rows as shown bellow??

What’s missing and how can I solve this?


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