Hi everyone
I created the rebar with the node Rebar.ByCurve from the resultant polycurve and result rebar have show in node dynamo but in the revit environment I could not see the steel bar! Also, after using the rebar Rebar.SetLayoutAsMaximumSpacing, the results are the same as the node!That really is ridiculous and it looks like the bar at the Rebar.ByCurve node has not been created properly! Thanks for help

You can try it. and Put node RebarSet.Info.

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@robert12546358 Thanks for help!
I have just tried it But it is still not possible to create rebar in revit environment!

Can you show full graph?

Yes! This is .dyn Rebar for top floor.dyn (34.4 KB)

Put PolyCruve.Curves node After PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves. (See Image)

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@robert12546358 Thanks!
I do not want PolyCurve.Curve because it creates two rebar, the only thing I want is to make only one bar of steel on both sides of the beams
Do you have any solution?

I had the solution! That is, using extendstart and then using extendend does not require JoinCurve
thank you for your help

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