Rebar cover by trimming surface ends



I’m currently writing a master thesis on 3D-reinforcement in complex structures where I’m applying Revit and Dynamo. This project involves a fair degree of modelling, in which I am somewhat stuck at the moment.

To start my modelling process I’ve made a script for a simple curved wall. I have managed to get the cover right on all sides except one; see pictures (clearly demonstrated by the end bar). Does anyone have a tip for solving this? I’ve tried to use various trim nodes as what I principally would want is to shorten the face the rebars are following , however these trim nodes only seem to work with curves.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Pål (Paul)





0…1…#n gives you n points with the first point at one extreme and the last at the other.

0.01…0.09…#n will have both the start and end a little bit away from the extremes.

This is a rough example, you can determine the parameter values to correspond with the desired offset from end (cover).


Thanks! This seems to work fine!