Cutting Curves by Face Curves

I have to place thousands of mullions / glazing bars upon 00’s of roofs and looking to Dynamo for a solution, however, l am not wholly adept with Dynamo, although my script is nearly there, however, l feel unnecessarily large.

I have selected a face, 2 edges, divided leading edge by number of divisions or glazing bars, then creating a series of line at the appropriate vertex, then obtaining intersections between potential glazing bars and the boundary curves of the selected face.

However, l cannot trim the curves by the bounding curves of the face, therefore my glazing bars go beyond the boundary and require manual trimming, rendering the whole exercise pointless and by which time l could do the whole exercise by the time l might create the final solution.

Any thoughts on getting me over the finishing line.

Revit 2016 and Dynamo 0.9, l have tried to update Dynamo, but it will not have any of it!

Please see this thread, The second last post might be helpful for you.

Nice idea, however, does not work for my scenario. Many thanks though.

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Can you post your Dyn? or a link to download it? With some list sorting, this task should be very achievable. :grinning:

If your roof is sloped you may need to pull the curves to a plane, so that they intersect correctly.

I shall look into this. :+1:

Divide Roofs v 0.9 2016 version 2.dyn (86.2 KB)

Tried your approach, but only partly worked.

Can you provide a test .rvt file as well?