Rebar.ByCurve for multiplanar curves

Hi All,

Following the discussion from previous topics, I’m in front of an issue I don’t know how to solve. In a list of curves that get into the Rebar.ByCurve node (Dynamo for Rebar Package), I have some curves that are contained in uno plane (like red ones) and other that are contained in a different plane (like blue ones):

My curresnt view is parallel to the plane containing the red ones. So, Rebar.ByCurve is creating the rebars only for the red ones. For the blue ones, it shows the “An internal error has ocurred” and throws a “null” for those curves.

Any help here is very appreciated!.

Thanks in advnace for your time!

PD: Using Revit 2017.1, Dynamo 1.3.0 and Dynamo4Rebar 1.2.0

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Hi All,

I’ll continue this topic, because I found a challenging thing here. (at least for me :slight_smile:)

Here is a simple script I made for you to recreate my issue and the custom node provided by @Einar_Raknes:

Multiplanar Rebar Shape.dyn (69.6 KB)

Rebar.CreateFromCurves.dyf (9.6 KB)

Only is necessary a simple wall element (for host), like in this image:

Here’s the issue:

1.- If is set like the yTranslation = 0, the script (using Dynamo4Rebar) gets no error.
2.- If I set some yTranslation != 0, is shows the following error.

3.- Regardless the yTranslation set, if I use the custom node I get the following error:

It seems that a polycurve is not allowed as an input???

4.- I made multiple tests changing vectors, rebar types (Standard/Stirrup), changing location of the points, but I’m getting the same results described above.

I’ll appreciate if anyone could tell me if I’m missing something here or if anyone is experiencing a similar situation.

Hope you could help me.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, man. I am a novice, and now I have the same problem as you described. I want to know if you have solved this problem now?

hi i have the same problem you have found ?