Problem with Rebar.ByCurve - Not creating rebar in the Revit model

I’m a new dynamo user and I’m trying use Rebar.ByCurve based in a list of lines.
While I can make the stirrups without problem, when I try to do the same with longitudinal lines the dynamo do not present a error, but rebar do not appear to be created in the revit environment.
Here are some pictures of the problem.
Thank you for the help.

I am experiencing the same problem. Curves look correct in the previews, and Rebar.ByCurve does not present any error. On the contrary, it lists all the rebars with element ID. However, I can not see it in Revit, not even when I am searching for the element ID.

Did you solve it?

For me it worked out when I changed the vector input to Rebar.byCurve!
I had been using the normal from the curves, but for some reason they didnt point normal to the plane that the curves lie in. I changed it to getting the vector from the plane normal instead.