Rebar 2d detailing (Like Sofistik)

Hi guys, do you think that Dynamo have the capabilities to extract a detail of a rebar like is shown in this picture?


It should be possible via a python node and the Revit API.

Yep sure , absolutely possible. As long as you can invest the same amount of time,resources and knowledge as the entire team of Sofistik has done for the last 4+ years, it is very reasonable to expect that you’ll get similar results :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

There’s a reason why that plugin is so expensive …

I don’t want the other features that Sofistik Detailing has.

Basically my idea is to create a Detail component family that will be the rebar image.

I created a script that take some information from the rebar element to a Detail component element.

The script works fine, , but I have some problems:

*I don’t know how to update the parameter of the image when the rebar change.

*I have to create the Detail component element in Revit before.

*The image is not aligned with the rebar, I have to change the position manually.

*The script works for one rebar at time, if I want to run it for another rebar I have to close ando open the scrip in Dynamo.

Any suggestion or ideas are welcome!

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You can get the rebar shape from the API, convert it to dynamo curves and then e.g use Clockworks detail line from curve to draw the shape on top of the rebar in a view:



BIG thank you for your help!

I get an Syntaxerror by the way, what I´m doing wrong? (I never worked in python)


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check your format on line 13. it does not match up with the example shown. missing a space. I think.

Thanks. I added the space but still it doesn’t work

You are missing a parenthesis after IN[0] on line 11

Yes! Now it works! What a fool I am.

Thank you!

One last question, can I join these lines to create one polyline?

Nevermimd, just select one line and press tab and I can select all.

Hi guys this python script is very helpful thank you, but can I make this script work on a list of elements not just one element.
if we can do that please tell me because am not familiar with python language

it should work if you replace

curves = UnwrapElement((IN[0]).GetCenterlineCurves(0,0,0))


curves = [UnwrapElement((i).GetCenterlineCurves(0,0,0)) for i in IN[0]]

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hi moustafa,
thank you for replying, I replaced it and it didn’t work, should I define i before using it?

no i is used to iterate through the list . Python’s list comprehension allows to do that.
what it the error message?
the best way for you to get help is to copy paste your complete code here and a dummy .rvt file so we have a basis to work on

@ali.safiaddine This topic is a bit old. There is a node for this now in the Bim4Struc.Rebar package by @Dieter_Vermeulen


okay that’s really cool thanks a lot that’s what am searching for

Hi. I’m pretty new at Dynamo so please don’t make fun of me. I’m probably missing some elementary stuff.

I got as far as to get the actual polycurve of the rebar and get the segment lengths but I don’t see how it would be possible to get that curve back into Revit with the possibility to have the lengths of the segments dimensioned (length of each segment indicated with number next to it).

Can someone please help me out. I’m stuck.

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Hi everyone
I have one more question
After get “Rebar Shape” by node “Rebar.getCenterlinecurve” I wanna dimention and then export to image
It is great if we can do that