Rebar 2D Detailing like Sofistik

Hi everyone,
This is the first time I have a post on our forum.
I make follow like guideline below but it isn’t work

If possible, please send a little time with me to help me.
Thank a lot & have a nice day.

Here is my code
And I am using Revit 2019 and Dynamo 1.3.3

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@KhiemDinh Please post your dyn file and sample Revit file.

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Hi @KhiemDinh


Hi @salvatoredragotta
Thank you to care about my problem.
But I am New User so I can not the attachment file.
If possible you can give me your e-mail.

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Hi @Kulkul
Thank a lot to help me. Honest I do not know more about Python and I am learning :slight_smile:
I will try like your code.
I am very happy cause many people to spend the time to help me.
Best regards

It’s done
But it’s just a line (single line), although I select in revit is a stirrup.


OUT = [curve.ToProtoType(True) for curve in curves]

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It’s nice
So for next step, do you know how to add it like an image in rebar schedule.
Thank you a lot.

You need to mark this post as solved and start new thread for your other query. Don’t ask multiple questions in same topic.


Hi Kulkul
Thank you for your inform.
Noted with many thanks!

dear can you put the image of the script ?
or can you send the Dyn file

Image of the script is already there. Are you getting any exceptions?

not run for me

could you upload the dyn file ?