Manually Download Packages?

My security settings at work don’t let me download and install packages thru the Dynamo Package Manger. How do I manually install them?

Use this site:

Hi, when I download them, Dynamo wont install them?

I.e. when i move them into the roaming folder and unblock .DLL the nodes still dont appear in Dynamo

Hello Josh,

A few questions / points:

  1. Are you using Sandbox or a Host (i.e Revit, Civil 3d etc.)? There are a few different places to copy through into depending on your situation!
  2. You also have to copy it through into the correct version; if you have Dynamo 2.0.3 in Revit and Dynamo 2.3 in Sandbox - then it should be in both applicable locations.
  3. If you try to open a package that contains Revit nodes inside of Sandbox - it may not show up.
  4. You may also be running into this problem: - if so, please update your Revit version to the latest patch :slight_smile:

i had the same problem, i could’t connect in dynamo for revit.
i downloaded dynamo sandbox, the i get the package in that platform. manage packages copy the floders. ande paste it in manage packages from revit

Does anyone has solved this problem, I also seem to be facing the same problem here, not able to install packages through the install package tab.