Error in the Camber 4.1.3

Nice to meet you.

In order to create section views by using sample lines along the alignment, I want to activate Camber 4.1.3 since there are some useful nodes to automatically get coordinate points of views.

However, due to the unknown errors, I couldn’t utilize this add-in program, and I wish someone could solve this problem.

I installed camber 4.1.3 like shown above, I have no idea on how to figure it out.
In addition to this, version of both Dynamo and Civil3D has already been upgraded to latest one.

Please someone help me.


Hi @mhchoM4C3V,

Which version of Civil 3D are you using? Also, can you share a screenshot of the 2 notifications (green bubble at top of screen)?

Thank you for your rapid response.
I’m currently using Civil 3D 2021, and please refer to the screenshot below.

Thanks a million.

Can you do “Show Details?” That’s where the important info is.

And regarding the version, can you be more specific? Run the ABOUT command and check the version numbers.

According to the image above, korean sentence means “One of the dependent files or assemblies could not be loaded. The specified file could not be found.”


please refer to the images above regarding update status.

This is my screen when I try to use a series of Camber.

Compared with my coworker’s web (shown below), some of nodes such as “sectionview.bypoint” are omitted.


Have you installed Civil 3D 2021.3?

Sorry for late. please look at the screenshot above presenting version of Civil 3D, and I can’t find out whether it is version of 2021.03 though.


Thanks. You have version 2021, so you need to update to 2021.3 through the Autodesk Desktop App or