Reading excel from cloud? ie Teams/Sharepoint

Anyone referencing Teams/Sharepoint hosted Excel?

Sync it to the local disc first with onedrive and it should go smoothly.


Try PowerAutomate- it is probably included in your Microsoft subscription.
You can create automated workflows to get/put data to a multitude of data sources including Sharepoint and Excel online


I’ve been referencing from my Onedrive and there hasn’t been any issues at all. Works wonderfully. The only downside is that there is a minor lag when it comes to executing file movements. Other than that, happy days. :slight_smile:

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thanks for some good info - these will work in a single user workflow but not from a multi-user. limitations i guess. we were hoping to have a single source file but then anyone could run a script from player and pull the updated data. OneDrive is a user specific location and the path would change…hmm I wonder if i can insert and join a different user name into the path…thanks for the ideas

Perhaps a solution similar to those listed here would work? Revit Render Assets on BIM360 – Parallax Team

In that case, a Sharepoint list might be a better option than Excel

As well as being a true multi-user application, there are other advantages such as tracking data changes, enforcing data types/integrity (someone can’t enter an invalid date in a date field or an empty value in a mandatory field), maintain data structure (someone can’t add a column which will screw up your Dynamo graph) etc etc

You can set up the Sharepoint list so that it resembles a spreadsheet

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