Is there a known solution for reading data from Online Excel

Would someone like to share how they read data from an online Excel file?

Does a direct solution like in regular Excell exist? (under)

The above topic is from 3 years ago but doesn’t offer any direct solutions.

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Tenzin Lungtok

Hi @tenzin.lungtok ,

Maybe you can try to get the files in the folder of your Excel database, for example with this node:

Then everytime Dynamo runs it checks the folder, and with a simple filter also the correct file.
I don’t know if this also works for OneDrive/SharePoint files but you can always try :slight_smile:

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Until it is on the local disc, excel can’t read the file. The ‘share point’ version you might see on the web is a different excel after all.

I recommend syncing the file to the local disc via onedrive or utilize another means to get the folder from the web into the local disc.

I believe that if you want to stay up on share point you will need to make a web request (remember you will need to authenticate) and utilize what ever online api the excel web app has.

I’ve given it a try but it doesn’t work. But I did learn something new so thank you. I wish Microsoft Online never existed. :grin:

Okay thank you. I will have to talk about that with the company. I will read about this but because you’re experienced. I see there is more documentation around MySQL. A good alternative (easier)?

The Simple lest solution is often the best. I’d look at syncing the share point folder to the local disc via onedrive.


If Jacob’s suggestion of Sharepoint/Onedrive does not work, take a look at Microsoft Power Automate (previously know as Flow)
There is a connector for Excel online- refer Excel Online (OneDrive) - Connectors | Microsoft Docs
Depending how you want it to work, it could be a scheduled job, or based on a trigger (when the Excel file changes)

It is probably possible to retrieve data from Excel online through a web service trigger, but that is getting too complicated

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Does that also work if there is no other way to open excel files other than excel online on the laptop? I’ve tried your idea previously and it’s no use, unless I’m misunderstanding your idea. When opening a dynamo-script where there’s an excel-file linked. Dynamo automatically tries to open the excel file on the disk, but there is nothing to open the file with except Excel online. So even if the file would be on the disk, Dynamo can’t open it, let alone read it.

It’s a specific issue I suppose. That’s why I was wondering if MySQL could solve this issue one and for all and offer some kind of consistency.

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll take a look at that.

If the content has been synced to the local disc before you open it, Dynamo will happily read from the local OneDrive mirror. Nearly every one of my demo graphs which utilize Excel is set up this way. The hard part may be getting the file to sync first.