Is there a known solution for reading data from Online Excel

Would someone like to share how they read data from an online Excel file?

Does a direct solution like in regular Excell exist? (under)

The above topic is from 3 years ago but doesn’t offer any direct solutions.

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Tenzin Lungtok

Hi @tenzin.lungtok ,

Maybe you can try to get the files in the folder of your Excel database, for example with this node:

Then everytime Dynamo runs it checks the folder, and with a simple filter also the correct file.
I don’t know if this also works for OneDrive/SharePoint files but you can always try :slight_smile:

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Until it is on the local disc, excel can’t read the file. The ‘share point’ version you might see on the web is a different excel after all.

I recommend syncing the file to the local disc via onedrive or utilize another means to get the folder from the web into the local disc.

I believe that if you want to stay up on share point you will need to make a web request (remember you will need to authenticate) and utilize what ever online api the excel web app has.

I’ve given it a try but it doesn’t work. But I did learn something new so thank you. I wish Microsoft Online never existed. :grin:

Okay thank you. I will have to talk about that with the company. I will read about this but because you’re experienced. I see there is more documentation around MySQL. A good alternative (easier)?

The Simple lest solution is often the best. I’d look at syncing the share point folder to the local disc via onedrive.