Read from titleblock write to sheet (Match list)

I’m trying to read from a titleblock and then write to a sheet. I’ve found this on the forum: Read from title block, write to sheet which is pretty much what I’m looking for. I’m tryin Vikrams solution but I can’t get to work. I don’t know if it have something to do with the matching of the lists? Also I prefer not to use a package for this.

Thanks in advance!

It looks like you are feeding the SetParameter Sheets in the Element input. I think this needs to be the Title block for what you are doing.

The parameter “Format” is on the sheet so if I change it it doesn’t work (don’t know if this is what you mean?):

The first six sheets in the project get the parameter. But this is not the correct sheets. That’s why I think it’s a problem with the matching of the list.

So you need to Filter the Sheet - Sheet Number list down to the 6 sheets you need before applying the Parameter A1, A2 etc?

Yes, that is excatly right! :slight_smile: