Automatic fill in paper size by title block and sheet

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In my quest to get human errors out of the workflow I encountered the following problem.

I am trying to make a script that fills in the paper size of the sheet automatically so we don’t have to do this by hand anymore and also to prevent that the print PDF script doesn’t print the wrong paper size since that one works with this parameter.

I have all the right sheets I need to print. I also have all the paper sizes of those sheets based on the type of Title block that is used. However when I run the script only some of the Sheets get updated, others do not.

I get the following error: " The parameter storage type is not an element".

The parameter I want to fill in is a text parameter set to work as an instance. When I check it manually I can fill it in no problem. But with Dynamo I somehow get an error.

All help is welcome!

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You are pushing the elements themselves into a text parameter, get the information in string format to push into your parameter. For instance, ask the elements for their Type Name and push that into SetParameterByName

I use a dictionary for this one.

I read -from the Titleblock- the builtin parameter for Sheet Width and Sheet Height, feed that in the Dictionary and it produces my paper size in DIN format, and set it back to the titleblock.

BPM-SheetSize.dyf (7.4 KB)

Ah yes off course, thanks!

I fixed it with the String from Object node and now it works fine.