Sheet Size from Titleblock to Sheet parameter


I want to map the sheet size from my title block to a parameter in my sheets.

Im struggling a bit to get this script over the line - I have had success with writing the parameters to the sheet parameter, but i haven’t figured the sorting out, first i need to filter out the sheets with out any titleblocks from the sheets which has titleblocks placed, then i need to map the sheets, and the titleblocks. I have tried all sorts but haven’t been able to figure it out.

I have tried all sorts of mapping with out any luck, im new at this site so unfortunately i cant upload my scripts, i have copied links to the WIP scripts down below.
Perhaps there’s an easier approach, i’m still quite new to dynamo so any feedback/help would be very much appreciated.

Vol 1 - Script works but doesn’t map between titleblock and sheet (if a sheet is created without a titleblock - it doesn’t list correct)

Vol 1-3-4 - Script with titleblock/view/sheet sorting, mapping between elements isn’t setup correctly…

I hope you can help me with finishing the script :slight_smile:

Did anyone found a solution to this ? I am searching for something similar , after 4 years :slight_smile:

What have you tried? You may need some common packages to make this easier, but it should be pretty straightforward since you can get the TB from the sheet or the sheet from the TB without much effort.

at the moment I am trying to make a script like this. I have sheet size in string, i have to filter it and it seems messy. i was wondering if I there is any node to get the sheet size directly form the titleblock ? or any Package that could do it ?

Size isn’t a TB parameter, so no, you wouldn’t be able to get it directly unless you’ve already created a custom parameter with that information.


There is a Sheet Size node in the Genius Loci package.

Use the Element.GetParameterValueByName node to obtain the width and the height of the given titleblock.

There is a BIP for Height and Width based on the max extents of the TB.

I don’t think I knew that. Thanks!
Do you know if it only looks at detail items? I know we’ve had plenty of TBs that have objects extending beyond the “extents” of the sheet that cause issues with estimating size.

Yes, any Line that is Title Block style will change the Height and/or Width of the TB.

Yeah, that’s why I tend to query the size through naming or something else. Would be nice if there was a way to avoid that (besides just good TB management).

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Thank you all for sharing in depth information. I progressed a bit, I can send multiple sheets to print in one go. The problem persists with the sheet sizes. Its sending all sheets in one size, i need varying size according to each sheet.

  1. I am curious to know in which format the PaperSize node takes input. Once I know the sheet size formatting, I can arrange sheet size in similar string

  2. SheetSize unit are in meters, usually printer takes size in mm ?

Till here, its printing

When I add papersize is doesnt. I am sure i am not adding paper size in right format

is it possible to create sheet by given Width and height ?
in other words, is there an inverse-node for this above mentioned node ?