Auto-Update Revit Sheets for Title Block properties from Excel sheet

I want to auto update the Title Block in Revit sheets with change in the data in Excel , will update the tile block in it self. Please ask if you want any clarification on this question.

If you want to update these, thats possible. would be easyer to help if you upload your project, excel and graph you got so far.

I am sharing the sample of excel sheet generated by the following Dynamo script !


And its working fine, But I want to know how I update the following details on sheet by directly updating in Excel.

Now that you have exported the data from Revit, you now need to “import” to Revit from Excel.

I suggest using the Excel.ReadfromFile Node or even “Read Excel” from Bumblebee.


Yeah, But what should my approach to update the Title Block in Sheet. @danielU3R39 I mean reading from excel is going to create put another Dynamo script in use. That means it would divide into two parts. If only one dynamo script would do the same in any way would be wonderful. Yeah @Marcel_Rijsmus, I have tried to export the sheet id as well but, they arrange in different order and not fit with other parameters from Title Block, That why I remove for the moment.

important here is to make the link work to and from revit.
You need an unique key to make sure the data that comes in from excel, goes to the correct sheet.
As you are using Sheets, you can take notice of the fact that sheets need an unique number, thats your key.
There are more ways here.

When I create scripts which import/export to Excel, I include the Parameter names in the excel spreadsheet as column headers. Then I import the data from excel, and use an GetItemAtIndex to bring the parameters into dynamo. I can then use these as the input for the Set Parameter nodes later on.

your titleblocks have a parameter that tells you on what sheet it is. using the == node you can match them

Hi Thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus, @danielU3R39… Its Done, Now I am facing issues on updating the Revision Issued by and Issue To. Any approach for these Parameters.

From a quick search on the forum, you need the revision nodes from the Archilab package.

Yeah, I am using that package and I already extract the data’s, but writing again to sheets is causing a trouble to me, Its not updating as changed.

Daniel can you tell me please what I do wrong in this graph, it seems doesn`t work with Title blocks…
Iam trying to import parameters into all Title blocks

Check.xlsx (8.4 KB) 0.1.1_Import PP info.dyn (15.1 KB)

This data is normally stored in Project Information, not Titleblocks.

Thanks Marcel, my fault, I choose a wrong category and doesn`t check Parameter Elements in output, now works fine !