Read from Excel

Hello every one

I’m trying to load a Excel file into dynamo with the node Excel.ReadFromFile. but when i try, it comes up with this error.

do any of you, have an idea how to fix that ?

Thanks in advance

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this is what is in the Excel file

try to place in excel the cursor on cell A1, but make sure not to be in the cell directly. Quit all active commands in excel. Make sure the file path is correct. Maybe the name of the file is too long. Try to restart Dynamo.


here is the solution Excel read

i’m already using the File.FromPath node

Okay new qustion why dos it work when the document is on the desktop, and not in a folder ?

How long is the file path? i.e. are there many folders before that file? try moving the file a folder deeper every dynamo run to test if the file path length is the problem.

Are there any special characters in the file path ? Folder names with accents etc. i’be had problems with that before .