Read from Excel File shifts data

Hello Guys,

What I’m trying to achieve: Create an excel sheet for specific elements, export it to excel, send it to the consultant to fill it, then update the Revit model with revised excel file from the consultant.

What I was able to achieve: Write the date to the excel file, and also read the file from a modified excel file.

The Issue : creating the excel file with 0 columns and row location does not have any issue, the issue came up when I tried to add heading cells, I shifted the rows in the write file and it worked, but when try to import the file from excel, the data got shifted, meaning the elements got the info of other elements.

The Write To Excel node has a column and row input, but the Read from Excel node doesn’t, I think its reading from 0 row and 0 column. how can I tell it to start reading from a certain location? also if someone sorted the data in excel it will mess up the hole process is there a way to create some time of link that know what info is for what element, maybe use Elements ID which is unique to each element?

Note: I just started using dynamo and still a newbie.


Hi Moe

Nodes from packages such as Lunchbox (Excel.GetExcelWorksheetDataByRange) or Bumblebee
might do what you want.

But this is a fundamental problem with using Excel i.e. the data structure can be changed.
You could try protecting the worksheets (i.e locking cells)

Alternatively- you could set up a Google form connected to a Google sheet. This could potentially consolidate data from different consultants or input made at different times.

The most robust solution would be a proper database- as you say using an ElementID to join the data.


Hi @Moe_H
have a look at this topic, it should be helpful