Write to Revit schedule - Data row

I’ve been able to read and write from excel with dynamo and write to key schedules.

I was hoping to have dynamo read excel and write “Data rows” to my revit sheet index for so called “dummy sheets”. I don’t want to fill the Revit file up with blank sheets, I’d prefer using the data row method.

I know dynamo can just create new sheets for this purpose but this is not how we want to handle this.

Have a look at this:
Dynamo create placeholder sheets

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Right, that seems to be a good workflow for sheets, and its actually the work flow that I’m currently using. However I would still be interested in writing data rows to any schedule via excel/dynamo.

It’s not possible to just add data row to “any schedule”. Schedules in Revit are just tabular representations of the RevitDB aka your Revit model. What that means that they display what actually exists in the model. Following your logic of adding a “data row” to let’s say, furniture schedule would require to add a piece of furniture to host that data.

As a hack/workaround for things that we want to display in Revit as a schedule people have been hacking KeySchedules. Those are still representations of actual data in the DB and adding a new row to a key schedule results in a new set of data being stored on a Category element. However, they don’t require that you create a physical model element (furniture, column etc.), so you can use a seldom used Category like Analytical Beams (my fave) and just add a lot of parameters to it, so you can run a Key Schedule on it. Does that make sense?

Here’s a link to how to make a Key Schedule: http://archi-lab.net/building-data-harnessing-grasshopper-to-schedule-data-in-revit/


Makes perfect sense now, thanks for the explanation.

Thanks so much

Archi-lab’s Key Schedule node is the one for this. Caveat is that it only works with Text data type.

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