Read Excel with Bumblebee in Revit 2019 and Excel Null

Hi everyone:

I am having an issue with Bumblebee 2019.2.0 in Revit 2019. I am trying to read an excel file using Bumblebee node Read Excel. No matter what I do I always get a null value. Any know issues in this new Version?

Test1.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Hi @Rolando_Adrian_Ville

Works for me. Try uninstalling and reinstall back bumble bee.

@Kulkul, I did uninstall and install a couple of times but I have the same result null. I have Office 365 ProPlus. I was wondering if this can be the reason.


i were have the same problem >>>and i got the solution by python code…
you can use this code and edit in sheet number and range that can read it in the code by open it and edit in it >>ExcelRead.dyn (2.8 KB)
Test.xlsx (9.4 KB)