Bumblebee Issue with Color Scale Conditional Formatting

Hello, I want to color scale a list of values using Bumblebee, here’s where I am so far, both final nodes give me null, I have been through the Bumblebee Primer. I don’t know what I’m missing, please help! Thanks! :slight_smile:

EDIT: after reinstalling the package, NULL is not there anymore. I get a success! message but I can’t see colors, I have uploaded both DYN and RVT files here:

No solutions?:frowning:

I don’t use bumblebee so I can’t weigh in from memory here (most all my posts are from my phone while on the train to/from work). I can share some of my process as a possible work around for you.

I do must of my excel work with the native nodes and use other pre-formatted sheets and built in excel references to do my formatting. I have a ‘template’ marked read only with two sheets in it. First sheet is the ‘raw’ location where I write my data from the model, this gets overwritten when I run the script. Second sheet is the formatted sheet which reads the data off the raw sheet and sorts/formats/whatever else.

When I run my script the first step copies the template excel file to a new location, writes to the ‘raw’ sheet and have the ‘formatted’ sheet report the right stuff every time.
Hope it helps.

Hi Jacob, could you please share some of these processes? I was looking to track changes of schedules and highlight the modified cells in excel and was trying to do it all in dynamo, however I’m having trouble with bumblebee. So I would appreciate if you could share some of your processes.


Well, first up I don’t think Revit to Dynamo to Excel is the best medium to do this. Compare elements in BIM360 or compare PDFs in blue beam or a multitude of other options would be better suited.

Second up, I don’t have the exact processes anymore. This post was from when I was at my prior employer and a lot of that content still sits on their server (or perhaps just a backup drive at this point).

However once you get from Revit to Excel by way of Dynamo or other means, comparing two values and controlling the formatting is trivial. This should help you out: https://www.ablebits.com/office-addins-blog/2016/02/25/compare-two-excel-files-sheets/