Question: Pushing information from one object to another connected object

So I work with electrical stuff. One of the things we do is have conduits connect directly to this junction box family that we have.

Is there a dynamo script I can write so that if I write something in the jbox properties (for example: feed from: Panel 33) and run the script it’ll push that information to the connected conduit? (Assuming we have the same properties in both Jboxes and conduits).

Keep in mind we have many different conduits and Jboxes going all over the place and I really REALLY don’t want to have it overwrite information for something that’s going somewhere else.

I also don’t mind having to run 10 different scripts for 10 different properties if I have to. Assuming that it would make it easier.

You can get connected elements with the MEPover package. Then you’ll have your conduit grouped with its connected junction box. It’s a simple process of copying parameter values at that point.

Fantastic! Thank!