Error: Dereferencing a non-pointer

I just finished writing a script that pushes information from custom Jboxes to the attached conduits. I made a little test project and it worked fine but once I tried it on a larger project I got the following error.


Has anyone seen this error before and knows how to fix it?

Below is some context.

I can upload more photos if needed.

This is likely caused by an empty list or null in your dataset.

Any idea how to resolve it?

I think the best way would be to remove the :


You can filter those element with Object.IsNull, List.IsEmpty and List.FilterByBoolMask.

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I appreciate the advice but I’m not sure how to do that while keeping the structure. I’m really a novice with this.

I tried to implement that but all I’m seeing is empty lists.


Use List levels here (@L2 should do the trick).


I’m still seeing the empty list’s in the final step. But I am seeing the list filter showing that it’s filtering but it keeps crashing if I mess with it more then that. I think because the number of outputs change. so it’s looking for 10 properties to apply to 5 objects (or something).

You can also filter with the same bool mask the parameterName / value / etc. Just by changing the list input of the List.FilterByBoolMask node.

I do not have access to your data, so it is hard to know exactly what to do / what you want to achieve.

I’m trying to push information from a custom box to the attached connector which will push the information from that too the conduits (the way the boxes are set up this is the only way this can work). I got all the stuff on the left side to work (i.e. it’ll successfully push info from the boxes to the connector). It’s just not liking the final overwrite value step which lead to this post.